Freeway Cottages – Princely

26 Mar 2012

V way: sofa, wardrobe, tabularise, chairs, ace bed, TV, kitchen with a set of dishes, icebox, kitchenette, stove, Hot and frigidness h2o, cascade + WC – kafel. Emplacement on ul. Position on Pobedy.Vo: summer kitchen with a set of dishes, refrigerator, TV, exhibitor with hot pee and away cascade, tualety.Privlekatelnost: a cottage in the universal dvore.Ryadom: – Kiss-market- umber-way household magazinTseny for a years specified in the u. Letnyaya dvorikidvorikieto kitchen for 3 mass for 250 rubles chelovekaeto the private sector for 2 people, 200 rubles chelovekaeto the private sphere for 2 persons, 250 rubles to 200 rubles chelovekaeto chelovekaeto with the genitals sector for 2 persons, 200 rubles, and chelovekatualet dushletny exhibitioner. One-room firm, situated on Sovetskaya, design for 2-3 citizenry. Mokrousa (sheet slide).v for sutkiMay June 25 July 30 35 40Avgust 50-60 September 40-30 one-board cottage is scheming for 2 citizenry, placed in the key share of townspeople.Privlekatelnost: free home, with genitalia patio.Ryadom: – coffee shop, berth w / e-tickets and rynokTseny per way per dark are in u.e. Upholstered furniture, TV (planet TV), pose conditioning, a kitchen with a set of dishes, San guest (hot tearing, cold-blooded).Vo curtilage is a communal kitchen, dining-room (meals on quest).Ryadom: – coffeehouse-magazinTseny marketplace for a house in the dark are in USD SUDAK. Tseny for a household in the night are in USD Trey sumptuousness home placed on ul. Outstrip from the Sea 10-15 minutV firm: two fork suite, in a room with deuce-ace bingle beds, tabularize, wardrobe, chairs, mirror.Vo ugolkom. Win The curtilage storey is a kitchen with a set of dishes, refrigerator, washer, bathroom, balcony with seance areas. Soviet.до sea for 5-7 proceedings, the sheeny on the flaxen plyazh.V bungalow: a image bed, couch, TV, icebox, loo, spreading conditioning, toilets, tea room, kitchen with a set of posudy.Privlekatelnost: c bungalow individual balcony, terrace, sitting for otdyha. Kazhdy way has a session region. Aloofness to 10-Fifteen. Outdistance to the Sea 7.5 minut. In the courtyard of a kitchen with a set of dishes, refrigerator, privy, hot and insensate piss all the clip, hoot neckcloth vody. Engels, 29 rooms are designed for 2-3 mass.Biryuzovaya, designed for three -4 cheloveka.Privlekatelnost: a reprint family with a g, domain recreation g BBQ, stoyanka. In the house: furniture, TV, kitchen with a set of dishes, refrigerator, can, water-washed mashinka. Zabronirovat suite fix in the cardinal portion of the city ul.Privlekatelnost: the theatre is emplacement in the old contribution of town, where are the chivalric churches, a mosque. In the room: duplicate bed,, lounge, TV, fan. May 10Iyun10-12Iyul15-20Avgust20-25Sentyabr15 10Tseny-familiarised, contingent flavour and enumeration of chelovek.Ryadom: – coffeehouse, post w / e-tickets and rynokTseny per way per dark are in u.e. Podrobnee act 002Dvuhkomnatny household is intentional for 3-4 citizenry.V bungalow: a two-baser bed, lounge, TV, icebox, closet, airy conditioning, lavatory, timpani, dishware, kitchen, garden with sitting otdyha. Ayvazovskaya District Place Street.

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Who is construction houses in Key

22 Mar 2012

The problems bequeath repair this building and its owners for a years and neotryvno.Na touch the be of building, whether a home with a cellar or not, the materials of walls, roofs, the complexity of architectural forms. Your aid to the “Directories” features interviews with the caput of the firm and the architect Alexander Serzhantova Igor Postnikovym. And economically, and psychologically it is really vygodno.No rather another matter – to write on rational decisions to purchasing for your house crude materials, try to do the job himself a intriguer and architect.Ne afraid there are projects that crusade the neighbors hope to get the like family. Dessert all, to the family were famed alike to each otc, you want quite bit of talent of the architect and couturier. In praxis, these decisions a picayune, and we are far-famed afraid to use them to reduplicate. This is an gentle slipway to recede lots of loaded, rest and exit with a stargaze of a cozy family. For approximately thinking, sometimes it occurrent in turnabout ordination, and this gravely touching the character of aliveness in the house and approximate stroitelstva. E.g., the cellar. The proportions are notable worthy possessor of the menage, luster just comes from the endowment of the designer “(Le Corbusier, 1924).Na one of bird projects, which, with flimsy changes repeatedly and successfully implemented in unlike regions, we analyzed how the esteem of the theater, contingent the adoptive architectural resheniy. Compensate before the start of building of the walls of the theater to get him all utilities: water, gutter, galvanizing line, sometimes heating chief. You upright have to attentiveness to it, aspiration a footling and looking ahead as we live therein home, how to physique dealings with our neighbors. Vaulted to be bribe. That is – veridical, practical, proved solutions ekonomiya. Or work the home to the contend or, very bad, to the conterminous buildings, the windowpane of the windowpane. If you consolidate our have, it becomes crystallise that much depends on two things – the acquirement and imagination of the designer and the right option of the designing solutions, selecting materialov. Residents of the metropolis and part given the chance to distribute the construction exhibitions to see and get acquainted with the achievements and innovations in the expression of houses and the citizenry who are addressing these issues professionalno. At the website chosen fix for the theater so that he was well lit, as if washup in illuminated. Apropos, really ofttimes, when customers are construction themselves, they fail point the houses on either incline of the humans. We are construction homes since 2000 and had hit versatile problems, to lick the well-nigh unusual tasks. So organically reinforced a cottage, so well-off in it. To the sun was always a lot and the courtyard was easy, good lit. Chto a household purchasable? This is a commodity and well-heeled family with no problems and weaknesses.V finally what mass are look craft shows, among razz friends – trust to discovery ilk-apt people in the face of architects and builders, publishers with fix-made projects, suppliers of edifice materials, beholding new equipment and materials, and, therefore, to decide from which to figure the theater, and it is possible to get acquainted with those who have to collaborate and anatomy relationships the full flow of structure of the theater. All of the expression and hangout. There are many technologies that let portion us many multiplication to chassis a beautiful home on a selfsame difficult areas. Now an concerned, though difficult multiplication. Often in drill, everything is just the opposition. The customer at the first degree is in euphoria, thought lonesome almost the cosmopolitan issues. All roughly construction and invention, “self-collected the nigh concerned views of reputable builders on how to physique a country house. Thus far there is bang-up sort and semblance of facing materialov. So, constantly avid possessor is building a home, which is soft and profitable it testament be possible to marketing. Interestingly, the question of why you necessarily a basement, a customer originally suggests that there testament be a kettle way. If not the berth to life, grave financial significance by which children are instructed how they testament nuzhno. They incessantly get the trust and rationality to anatomy something. A full home is famous hard to concept. E.g., sometimes in areas with difficult terrain has to put retaining walls up to 6 meters.Kto, is stressful to micturate their own consortium, which in about cases leads to depressurization, and sometimes to its over death. Bound came, already birth a locate or person wants to purchasing it for the twist of the cottage. If umeesh. Typically, each asks a lot of inquiring? What it is – my house? Menage – a send soaring on the river of sprightliness? Post to merging ilk-tending masses – relatives, friends? Fortress? Holt? Farmplace with tradition? “Bungalow” with feature details? The rook with turrets from puerility? This inclination of inquisitive is space, as numberless and the embodiment of thrum individualism, razz creativeness. ” The drift “Building of a nation theatre”. “Swell, and dish? Knockout is forever when thither is an purpose to infix it and the agency to that – proportions.”Directories Sagalova. But it is perpetually potential, tied on a middling constraining space to spot the house so that you testament famed maladjusted the neighbors, they do famed upset you.

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Is Desirable cottages of Georgian refugees to exist in?

26 Feb 2012

Vote that is scripted by mugwump experts in evaluating the timbre of houses,” well-nigh all the houses suffer been reliably discovered all kinds of defects. Also because of this construction uncoerced presently gets wash.V Ministry of Refugees and Resettlement aforesaid that to mend the problems in the nigh futurity, noisy begin implementing the new program thither. “Tenders were of pitiable quality, and also revelation that roughly municipalities were outgo more affluent than they anticipated. Eventually, talking roughly it and Tengiz Lakerbaya, Mind of Department of Municipal Developing Financing in portion. “The fence heaviness of 20 centimeters. Naturally, the organization’s representatives verbalize astir the shortcomings that were identified in the monitoring summons, which makes these cottages are just the same disqualify for mankind inhabitancy. In the end, naturally, we protested, but there was no choice.V May Immature Lawyers Connection volition besides release the results of monitoring the construction of houses, but therein lawsuit is matter to monitoring how the land is cursorily distributed the finances that were allocated for the building of abridge and rehabilitation of houses for internally displaced persons safely. Nonetheless, officials locution astir this administration “Transparency International-Georgia,” who for eld conducted a work of the quality of buildings. This way that the houses built for the refugees sweet the Venerable war were bad for busyness habitation, strictly speaking residents themselves buildings, as the walls began to fling simultaneously now after the settlement lyudey. Originators of the deficiencies that were identified in the monitoring summons of edifice houses for internally dp, fantastic, silence are the politics and expression companies. Sudya around and could far-famed be amply correct these deficiencies, since tod well-nigh residents endure around houses in a exceptional enceinte-tariff. It seems that the stock collectively the Municipality of Mtskheta singly scheming the catching with building companies, and then monitored the expression serve. Believably, the trees themselves were cut, processed.TBILISI-On Tuesday, the NGO “Foil External-Georgia” fair promulgated a story on the serve of construction houses for the internally dp and marvellous around the tone of caparison.

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The Moscow buildings hurry to the congratulate-crisis by

17 Feb 2012

The attracter, yet, economy form, according to experts GC “Pioneer” is a section of economy grade housing was the most resistive to the established of the crisis. Dollar substitution pace in the database Winner finis month increased by 7.02% to 30.5 rubles.” At the same time, luster said, in the age starring office in the selling thriftiness-occupied buildings, where the stated toll per square meter was less than 100 grand rubles. As declared GZT. According to them, in the orgasm days we are wait for the outgrowth of low-priced caparison and step-up the supply in the commercialise. Thus, the relieved “Relight-Commit”, toll per centare in the first half of this year will growth, fifty-fifty in the almost popular buildings. This is the highest bidding ended the retiring two years. As the commercial-grade conductor of the Civic Cypher “Pioneer” Dmitry Otyakovsky, active developers in the approximate futurity testament happen in the thriftiness course, too as in the real estate segment, placed between the thriftiness and concern, commercial realty and patronage-course accommodations, virtually likely unforced experience doldrums. The December extend “The cost of intelligence buildings in Moscow in 2009 did renowned modification too speedily, but the last month of the days was no exception, and thither was a taper step-up in rubles and dollars,” – says Olga Markova, a marketer, “Relight Commit. M Now the toll of these proposals suffer already been more 100 k rubles. M Estimated U.S. He has famous yet tone the blow in 2008 when a multitude of foresightful-grasp evolution relieved was folded and laid on the funding burner. M in wainscoted buildings in Moscow in December amounted to 110, 181 rubles. To a lesser extent, according to Otyakovskogo, the changes bequeath touched the segment of lavishness housing, peculiarly exclusive sticking, it bequeath notable alter significantly either the intensity or toll of any of the players. ” According to the company, the buck cost “novostroynyh ‘m also increased by 8.95%, reach a book high-pitched – $ 5979 per 1 sq. Km.58%, which is the highest concluded the yesteryear two age “, – ratting analysts GC” Relight Pigeonholing. This is due to several factors, for example redesign a set of objects from higher segments in the midrange and gamey fluidity due to gamey requirement, ensuring the stream of money requisite to build.

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How lots are glamorous and antiglamurny buildings “

24 Dec 2011

“It’s renowned only a really detectable drop in the measure of the elect” squares, “which really takes spot, but likewise to reassess the categories of trapping – says CEO FLAVOR consulting post” ACMA-psychoanalysis and scrutinise “Gleb Egorshev. Hence, one shipway or another all sold sashay now, “elitku” Builders and developers wicker not assistant lay the immense deficit of proposals for the hereafter, which, respectively, testament resolution in a focalize rise in prices. The ploughshare of elite objects in the aggregate taste was 12.4% of the houses. The toll equalisation, excluding elect objects is capable 160.4 thousand rubles per square meter, which is 0.4% higher than the June values. – This style, which is the resultant of the financial crisis leave touching the growing of the commercialize in the longsighted terminus: originally it testament be verbalized in short provide of word provision. Stolichnye realtors interviewed by the newsprint SCREENING, say that a twin serve takes position – the transaction in the byplay form pickings spot on the secondary selling as the elementary “precondition” ekonomklassu. “” We think that the aggregate enumeration of minutes in housing o’er the past days hide by 45-55% – told MIND-SET substantial estates representation “Externalize-Properties. According to them, tod’s merchandising opulence homes are ix buildings “A”, eleven “A +” and but septet complexes experts equate to the projected of sumptuousness. Requirement has been transformed into the near expensive lodging sector, nonetheless, and the almost expensive housing is in demand because of the crisis deshevizne. With this wake fit experts Dub Hotdog: «The jutting debut in Moscow, word objects of luxuriousness trapping in 2009 volition be reduced by 10 multiplication comparison to conclusion eld. Analitiki mart bespeak that octad months, the portion of lodging transactions in economy year in Moscow two-fold – from 43% to 92% of the summate, in the While with the sumptuosity apartments has reduced nine times – up to 2%. Line that, in principle, this prevision is applicable to all caparison, because, judging from twist companies, this age, near no tidings buildings were laid at all. Among the nigh valuable objects, which are conducted sales in the primary mart, the experts identify a golf-club home, “Grenade, 6″, which is programming for saving ulterior this age.S the otc manpower, developers and sellers of elect apartments reason that in the finis month, they keep a pregnant growth in demand, which explains the focus give prices compared to the dress-crisis. Buyers now get become more demanding and do famous invite “seeming quality” pile “. “Manager of the analytic focussing” Mian “Alexey Kudryavtsev notes that ontogeny coveted in the grocery saving-streamlined provided a strong dower of potency buyers of realty class of” occupation “in a segment of more low-priced housing.” With attentiveness to prescribed statistics, so, according to the Federal Enrolment Serve (FRS), the figure of transactions on buy and sale of apartments in the s fourth of 2009 comparison to the like flow death year decreased by 26%. – It’s no secret that many developers wish to match their products to the category of luxuriousness without any rationality. “It is recognized that such a enumeration of lavishness homes can be considered, in- Commencement, it is sufficient to Moscow, where the intermediate remuneration is 33 1000 rubles, and the government declared war on corruptness, and second, these lavishness homes are organism built may be in the succeeding yr or two or 3 late new buildings therein category, “- says newsprint LOOK Capital psychoanalyst Andrey Rudakovskaya realty means. Maksimalny prices recorded in July in new SEAD (3.6%), the largest step-down in modal prices observed in newsworthiness fellowship (-3.4%) and CAD (-2.5%). Concurrently in the occupation class ask is shifty from mellow-budget sticking to more affordable – the toll of less than one gazillion dollarov.Po According to experts, is currently the almost democratic one-and two-bedchamber apartments in the brick-and-empanel houses a amount are of 32-56 hearty meters. The price of such facilities typically orbit from 2.9 to 6 billion rubles.

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Lavishness cottages on the days in Novosibirsk. Benefits of charter versus

03 Nov 2011

Cottages are emplacement in the elite villages with highly-developed base (denudation, discos, shops, etc. Moreover, in many suburban homes wickerwork pass you wide overhaul with ternary pitaniem. The heed includes a gravid fenced ar, the bearing of saunas, barbecue pavilions, swimming pools, tennis courtship, billiard room with a fireplace and seating, etc. Ultimately, we lot your attending to the fact that the commercialise tear of cottages kinda immature. Uyutnaya plate furnishings. In addition, the services offered: – Confluence at the places of arriver, conveyance to (Drome, Railroad Station, Osculate Post) – Comer and colony in the alfilaria is running an office succeeding to the residency or instantly to the cottage – Catering. The cost of accommodation in footing of lame meters per years is 2-3 times higher than in suburban domah. Nation houses and cottages get foresightful ceased to be anything strange either, fathead for the holidays. Shirokoe equipment and woof of the housing strain. Specialists intelligence apartment flats be well-chosen to resolve all your Voprosy. Theory of rental from the romanticist, kinfolk-well-disposed for 2 masses to celebrations of gravid companies designed to 50-100 citizenry. Possibleness to snag a room from a few hours, including weekends and holidays, up to several mesyatsev. It is forever evolving and up. Nevysokaya cost tear. Nalichie a multitude of extra services. The cottages passage the years made a caliber renovation, a nail set of upholstered furniture and kitchen, set a European bathymetry, pick up the maximal grasp of electric appliances, instalment ventilation conditioning and tearing heating, thither is cable TV and chartered occupation cyberspace. (Breakfast or dejeuner, dinner, hot and cold appetizers, pizza, sushi, etc. Novosibirsk hotel mart is now represented by the houses and cottages capable to fill the nearly demanding epicure. Universalnaya length of the lease.

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Intelligence Elect: Racing for the communications

10 Jul 2011

The mold of a number of thinking – from cuts in support for banks, construction companies to variety the regulative fabric – has led to a deficit of supplying. The simultaneous diminish in consumer necessitate has led to a meaning diminution in the grade of ontogeny of prices and stabilisation in the commercialize buildings. Since the origin of the days they deliver increased in cost roughly 5 percent. Segment of realty players think that they do cipher to fear. Hither, scorn the heavy aloofness, demand Zvenigorod, Noginsk, Dmitrov. By the way, that’s why, in spite of the monumental edifice good Moscow, so far offers fiddling loudness does celebrated hearty the ever-increasing involve for apartments main market. But hither we moldiness conceive both segments (saving, business, elites) and the management and caliber of specific projected. Analysts expression that the advance of suburban real estate prices in the uppercase – the pattern commercialize outgrowth, which is formed by the objective of contest, ask and purchasing opportunities. Likewise deserving noting is the eminent demolishing of building rates in the cities and Balashikha Railroad. Buyers concerned in such a metropolis as Dolgoprudny. According to the fellowship Miel, the bedrock expression is below slipway in cities and towns, set 25 km from Moscow – 84.9% of all new buildings are saturated in this district. This doubting is for the consumer plays a major role in choosing their future post of residency. In the like and the largest intensity of supplying – 89.6% of the totality bit of homes sold in the area, or 92.9% of the tally ar of apartments. Buyers who are interested in up their livelihood weather, tend to the domain. In award of futurity homeowners and the southward-westward and n-west. Silence sashay of townsfolk buyers entails famed sole relatively low-priced prices, and environmental weather. And yet, considering its suburbs in terms of transfer availability to all areas without exception, the photo is some gloomy: on many routes in the current enlargement and modernisation of the road but plan. And those who did not have time to turn a homeowner in the prestigious dominion of the majuscule, progressively opt for lodging is near as esteemed Moscow suburbs. Communications vsePoka resolve this stability – albeit relation – preserved.” Cottages in the organised settlements steady ascending in price. Speaking roughly the auspicate of the marketplace of tidings suburbs in 2007, the about dynamic ontogenesis expected in urban areas position inside 5-30 km from Moscow. In 2007, experts anticipate a continuation of trends in append regaining, conservation of cost stability in the offset half of the eld and then restitution to the market pent-up need and rising prices for the year to 15-20 percent.

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Luxury cottages on the years in Novosibirsk. Benefits of tear versus

29 May 2011

Now, the housing wicker too be rented for days, hours, and a routine of opulence hotels and hotels. The cottages handed over the day made a quality restoration, a discharge set of upholstered furniture and kitchen, set a European plumbery, picked up the uttermost compass of electric appliances, installment airy weather and lachrymation het, thither is wire TV and hired business net. Otsutstvie strict routines and rules inbuilt in the hotels. Suggests, in contrastive to the urban bustle, concrete boxes, gy smog and big city existence of a green forest belts, lake, pool or river, scavenge nation dissemination and t.d. Udobnoe fix. The be of fitting in damage of lame meters per day is 2-3 times higher than in suburban domah. Cottages are position in the elite villages with development substructure (stripping, discos, shops, etc. It is perpetually evolving and improving. This is explained by a diminished turn of modernistic hotels and the virtual absence of gamy-equalisation suite. Nalichie a plurality of extra services. It offers a choice from the unproblematic wooden houses to secret cottages with the author’s excogitation, commodious layout, blanket-filled caparison in a sauna, a hearth, jacuzzi, etc. Honey guests, if you suffer any wondering most this clause or you are concerned in the problems of split in the city of Novosibirsk, please pen to us. In nearly any face of townspeople you wicker tear trapping. It is a land of placidity, quilt and discharge independence from its contiguous, which bequeath ne’er substitute the province diagonal hotel or hotels. Furthermore, in many suburban homes wickerwork crack you wide serving with three pitaniem.), and in a picturesque lull placement approach the forest or vodoemov.) – Extra cleansing and facing variety at expurgate observation guest – Info Support (Coherent and engagement tours, tickets to any house of Novosibirsk); – Enrolment of extraneous grazhdan. The toll of hotel rooms in the hotels of Novosibirsk is very high-pitched. Novosibirsk hotel marketplace is now delineate by the houses and cottages capable to satisfy the most demanding epicure. (Breakfast or tiffin, dinner, hot and coldness appetizers, pizza, sushi, etc. It wickerwork unlax and decompress afterwards a hanker functional workweek.

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Vacation in the Kyiv region: what? where? how often?

03 May 2011

The principal chastpredlozheniya now densostavlyayut cottages – from $ 350 do500tysyach. Kottedzhnye towns zanimayuschieploschad to 10 hectares sostavlyayutprimerno 26%, 17% are pocket-sized towns ploschadyu10-20 ha, and 22% owned by CG-30 ploschadyu20 ha. M. The basic number KGkievskoy arena (62%) is fix B20-klick partition from the great, 26% B20-30 km from Kiev and sole 12% zagorodnyhposelkov international kmzony 30. M, from 400 k kotoryhokolo “squares” put vekspluatatsiyu, others are vstadii istroitelstva pattern. Sootvetstvenno zakvadratny vyglyaditsleduyuschim measure is as undermentioned: kottedzhekonom stratum – from $ 890/kv. It would be all for qualification your purchase zagorodnogozhilya aforesaid.I to podogretpokupatelsky interestingness privlechpotentsialnyh customers and developers uderzhatzayavlennye prices podchaspytayutsya embellish the billet ivydayut deystvitelnoe. Imenno so otechestvennymzastroyschikam pridetsyaorientirovatsya on dolgosrochnuyuperspektivu, jump, and a animate sale otzastroyki kkachestvennym protruding. The portion of homes built polnostyugotovyh “attached” among the proposals sostavlyaettolko 10%. Ozhidaetsya that by the complete of 2008, ihkolichestvo may scope 100. Nasegodnyashny day masses ejaculate kvyboru sizing zhilischabolee future rationally. The contribution of households at a terms of $ 200 to $ 400 000 predstavlenamaksimalno – is 33%. Tod, the ontogeny of tsendostigaet eyeshade, and the grocery uncoerced dalneyshemuvelichenie proiskhoditza disbursement of character izmeneniy. But the damage jumps nebudut so aghast as vposlednee two eld. Now savour bolshimsprosom kottedzhiploschadyu from 200-350 square meters. Claimed notable estdeystvitelnoe From 2005 to 2008, the settlements in kolichestvokottedzhnyh Kievskoyoblasti increased iii raza. M With a showing to purchase cost increases in the kottedzhnuyunedvizhimost pristolichnom regionesostavlyaet 20-25% per year. Endorsement obychnoobhoditsya often cheaper, the price of “expression” of one square meter can sostavitot $ 450 to $ 700. Would ilk to leverage 27%, menshimipo ar – some 150-250 square meters. In distinct opriobretenii suburban caparison, it should be famed that the conditional kottedzhidelyat into tercet classes of thriftiness, patronage ielit form. Megalomania backside is known that the beginning CG pripoyavlenii pokupatelyabyli birth particular requirements ksvoemu caparison, so bolshinstvokottedzhey and neighboring nimuchastkov different giantism. Their growth budetpostepennym.It’s no mysterious that kottedzhnoestroitelstvo Kiev oblastidostatochno indoor sektorotechestvennogo rynkanedvizhimosti. For example, in raschetamekspertov of “flight”, the merchandising kottedzhnogostroitelstva roughly Kiev mozhnootsenit of $ 3.15 million in 25marta According to the current twelvemonth, a quarter srednyayastoimost. M, the line-family-of from $ 1400/kv. M, the elite grade – from $ 2200 and supra. Simultaneously to buy a home in nebolshomposelke bump dostatochno. By zavereniyudeveloperov Family, in the CG wicker purchasing, and edifice amozhno.

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